Sump Integrity Testing

Deadline: October 13, 2018 - All Containment Sumps Must be Tested

Every 3 years it will be mandatory to have all containment sumps undergo an Integrity test, ensuring that sumps are water tight.

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As of October 2018 it will become mandatory that all Sumps undergo an Integrity test to ensure they are water tight. Containment sumps are liquid tight structures designed to temporarily contain leaks or spills. In addition, containment sumps often serve as the leak detection monitoring location for double-walled piping systems. Leakage from the primary piping typically flows by gravity inside the secondary piping to the sump, where it can be easily observed or detected by a sensor.


Sump Testing – Hydrostatic Testing
  • Ensure all pipe penetrations are free from bedding or backfill material or any other obstruction
  • Fill the sump with fresh water to the highest point
  • Mark the water level inside the sump with a marker pen or chinagraph (wax) pencil
  • Examine the pipe entry seals for signs of leaking water
  • Leave water in sump for 1 hour
  • Check water level has not dropped — to properly finish testing

*Sump Testing – Can be a very tricky and complicated project for any company to handle. Global Fueling Equipment has been doing the job since 1969, and there is nothing we have not seen before. No Job is ever too big or too small for us to take care of. From Laguardia and JFK air ports to your local mom and pop gas stations we take care of it all.

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For the first time in more than 25 years, the EPA has revised its underground storage tank (UST) regulations. The updated regulations included multiple new regulatory requirements including, among others, mandatory 30-Day walkthrough inspections and required Class A, B and C Operator Training. One of the most substantive changes in the area of operational and maintenance requirements is related to Spill Prevention and Containment Sump Testing or more commonly known as ‘Sump Integrity Testing’. The purpose of which is designed to reduce the incidence and impact of the more than 6,000 releases discovered annually from USTs. The following is a guide to help shed light to the requirements and the expectations for facility owners.

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We are now Suffolk County Tank & Line Testing Certified!

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