Fuel Management Systems “Your Silent Guardians” of Fuel Waste

No one likes to throw away money on gas. If you are like most people and organizations then you are constantly looking for ways to save a few pennies or cut expenses to help your business grow. Fuel is most often the second largest expense after payroll.   One of the most cost effective ways to reduce expenses is installing a fuel management system. In today’s economy your business or fleet cannot afford to live without one.

The basics of a fuel management system are relatively simple. Imagine an automated fuel guardian controlling all your fueling needs. Someone to monitor, track, authorize and report, who takes fuel, where it goes and when it was dispensed. This guardian’s sole purpose is to SAVE YOU MONEY. The system is installed on the fueling island connected to your fuel pumps and linked to your business’s computer network. In a matter of days you now have full control over your fueling operations and more importantly you now have true data on where your fuel is going.

If you are without a fuel management system today, than most likely you are tracking your fuel with an old clipboard, a possible fueling attendant or not at all. Organizations, who install a system, remove these antiquated solutions and replace them with modern day, computerized systems who take the human error out of the equation. They are exact every time, and make the burden of tracking fuel an easy, seamless part of your everyday work flow.

Most organizations who install a system see an average of ten to fifteen percent reduction in fuel costs over the first year. A huge savings and real money that today is being lost and can be reinvested into your bottom line. Fleets come in various sizes from the fire department, a municipality or a large commercial fleet, a small business owner, but the one thing in common is we all want to save money. Having a fuel management system in place will quickly accrue numerous benefits and will provide substantial year in year out saving!!!!